Tailor Brands vs Logo Garden vs Creative Market vs LogoMaker: Logo Design Companies Reviewed
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Tailor Brands vs Logo Garden vs Creative Market vs LogoMaker: Logo Design Companies Reviewed

Tailor Brands is a logo design company that offers an easy step-by-step process to design your company logo and has three different pricing plans. Logo Garden offers a 100% money back guarantee and has thousands of basic industry logos to choose from. Creative Market is a bit different offering much more than just logos. Customers can choose from all types of products plus designers can sell their creative designs on their web site and make money. LogoMaker has a simple to use logo maker and lets you preview how your new logo will look on all types of products like business cards, mugs, shirts, hats and more.
Covered in this report
Tailor Brands — Best Features
Tailor Brands offers four different pricing plans to choose from.
Has a simple step by step process to design your company logo.
Best for: Customers that are looking for a customized logo for their companies plus branding on social media.
Logo Garden — Best Features
They offer a 100% money back guarantee.
Has thousands of basic industry logos to choose from.
Best for: Customers that have a higher budget for logo designs that will get you a custom logo design, unlimited revisions, high quality files that are ready for printing and the web and your products
Best deal: 10% Off Custom T-Shirts - [activate coupon]
Creative Market — Best Features
Offers much more than just logos that include templates, photos, graphics and themes.
You can sell your creative designs on their website and be featured in front of millions of possible customers.
Best for: Both buyers and sellers. Especially designers that would like to make money on their platform.
LogoMaker — Best Features
Has been in business since 2004.
Shows the most previews of your logo design on all types of products that you can easily see.
Best for: Anyone that is looking for an easy to use logo maker and a great preview of what your logo will look like on all types of products.

Logo Design Companies

Logo design companies can help anyone that needs to design a logo quickly and easily. Logos are not only for your letterhead or business cards; logos need to be able to be used with all types of marketing products like banners, shirts, caps and coffee mugs. The following companies can help with logo designs.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands states that they make logo designs simple at a minimal cost, no skills required and instant results. You can design a logo within 30 seconds or more like 10 minutes on Tailor Brands. This includes logo designs, presentations and entire brands.

How Tailor Brands Works

Tailor Brands is an automated logo design maker that can design a logo for you quickly. There are several easy steps to get your logo designed. To design your logo, you will follow the following steps and you can try this for free.

  • On the first page, you will be asked to enter in your company name and a tag line if you wish, that is optional.
  • The next step will ask you to describe your business. By telling Tailor Brands about your business, they can design the best logo design for you.

At this stage of the logo designing process, you will be asked to choose a logo type from the following three choices:

  • Icon based: An easy to remember shape or design in the center of your logo.
  • Tailor brands: This choice will use your company name as the key element of the logo design.
  • Initial based: Using initials as the main basis of your logo.

After this you will be asked to choose between abstract shapes, which allows Tailor Brands to create a unique shape for your logo, or you can search for an icon that is the perfect fit for your logo.

The next step is called This or That which allows you to choose a font style. This is rather confusing, once you pick the font style, it continues to ask you for more choices unless you click on I dislike all.

After this step, Tailor Brands analyze your choices and then build your logo. The Build Your logo page will then show you six logo options that Tailor Brands has automatically designed for you.

When you choose your favorite option you will have the ability to apply color and edit the logo to your perfection.

At this point in the logo design process you will be asked to sign in before you can go any further. Once you sign in with an email address and password, you can then see the various logo designs for your company.

One great feature of Tailor Brands is that at this stage they will show how your logo will look on all types of products including:

  • Business cards
  • Desktop
  • Mobile devices
  • Bags
  • Shirts

You can now edit your logo by the following:

  • Fonts
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Tweaks

And if you are not happy, you can start over by going back.

Tailor Brands Pricing Plans

Tailor Brands offers three different pricing plans with their Bundled and Single Items plan with the following prices and plans.

  • Basic: For $39 customers will get a high resolution log in the form of an EPS vector.
  • Professional: This is their most popular plan for $59 that includes the high resolution logo, vector EPS, company letterhead, branded invoice and business proposal.
  • Premium: This plan for $99 includes all of the above features plus Facebook and Twitter profile image, email signature, mobile and desktop wallpapers, additional logo sizes, branded presentation and brand book.

They also have a Studio Subscription plan for $9.99 per month billed annually or $12.99 bill monthly. Their Studio Subscription includes the following:

  • Unlimited social posts
  • Watermarking tool
  • Business card and letterhead design
  • Social media covers

Logo Garden

Located in Franklin, TN, Logo Garden has been in business since 2011 and has an A rating with the Middle Tennessee Better Business Bureau. They offer logo designs in just minutes.

Logo Garden Logos

When you start designing your logo on Logo Garden, you will be asked to choose from a long list of business categories. A few of these categories include:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Children
  • Computer and internet
  • Business consulting
  • Health and nutrition
  • Landscaping
  • Real estate
  • Sports and fitness
  • Technology and science
  • Travel and leisure
  • Plus many more categories

If you cannot find just the right category, you can enter in a search word and come up with more categories.

Logo Garden Features

Logo Garden has the following features:

  • Thousands of basic logo icons that you can search by industry.
  • The ability to choose from Hi-Res or Vector Graphics to download.
  • Pick and choose tools for colors and fonts that allow you to apply effects until you are satisfied.
  • Unlimited edits
  • Access to your files 24/7 365 days per year
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Up to three revisions for free
  • High quality files that are ready for printing and the web

How Logo Garden Works

You will be asked to enter in your business name and category. Once you pick a category and choose your logo design, you can then select to edit text, change font, size, effects and color or choose to skip this step. You will be able to select the type of logo design and the color.

At this stage of the logo design process, you can continue to choose colors and fonts or skip. Once you get to the end of their options, you can save and download your logo design. You will be able to move the logo and your company name on the grid to align them exactly how you want them to look.

When you click on save and download logo, you will see a couple of examples of how your logo will look on shirts, business cards and a website. After these simple steps, it just stops and you will have to click on Save and Download, which can be rather confusing.

Logo Garden Custom Logo

Logo Garden also has a custom logo design page that seems to be easier to use than their logo design page. Custom logo design has the following steps:

First you will select the logo design you desire:

  • Causal
  • Modern
  • Abstract
  • Classic

And you can select all that apply.

You can then select up to three color palettes including purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and neutral.

Step in the custom logo design allows you to apply the name you want on the logo, a tagline if you desire that and a short description of your company. After entering this information you will then be asked to enter in your email address and to choose the pricing plan you would like.

Logo Garden Pricing

Logo Garden has the following pricing plans and features:

  • Professional Design Assistance: For a cost of $39.99, customers get a professionally designed logo design from their logo maker, up to 3 revisions, high quality files, ready for printing and the web (4 total files, JPG and PNG) and design delivery in one business day.
  • Custom Logo Design: Costs $99.99, customers can choose from three custom original logo designs, three revisions, high quality files, ready for printing and the web (4 total files, JPG and PNG) and includes vector art pack (EPS, AI and PDF file types).
  • VIP Design Services: For a price of $199.99, customers will receive a custom logo design, unlimited revisions, high quality files that are ready for printing and the web, vector art pack included, additional black and white files of your logo and brand guide with logo use, color specifications and font names.

Logo Garden Coupons

Creative Market

Creative Market is located in San Francisco, California and is a platform for handcrafted design content from creators from all over the world. In addition to creating logos, they also create all types of products that you can use on the internet for marketing and other uses. In addition, you can also earn money yourself on Creative Market.

Creative Market Products

Creative Market offers many types of products in the following categories:

  • Photos: Animals, abstract, architecture, fashion and beauty, business, food and drink, health, holidays, people, sports, technology and transportation.
  • Graphics: Icons, illustrations, objects, patterns, product mockups, textures and web elements.
  • Templates: Brochures, business cards, email, flyers, invitations, logos, magazines, presentations, websites, stationary and resumes.
  • Themes: Bootstrap, Drupal, HTML/CSS, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Tumblr and WordPress.
  • Fonts: Blackletter, Non Western, Display, Sans Serif, Script, Serif, Slab Serif, Symbols and more.
  • Add-ons: Actions, brushes, gradients, layer styles, palettes, plug-ins and shapes.
  • 3D: Characters, animals, architecture, environment, food, furniture, objects, vehicles and textures and materials.

 Selling and Earning Money on Creative Market

Creative Market also includes a great platform for sellers to make money for their designs, photos, creations and more. Their website includes numerous videos from actual sellers describing how they have made a great deal of money on Creative Market.

Creative Market offers the following perks for shop owners:

  • A network of 2 million members. This allows you to get your products and designs in front of more than 2 million people.
  • Earn 70% on each sale.
  • No exclusivity lock-in. This means that you can sell your products on Creative Market, on your own website and anywhere else you like.
  • Set your own prices and have the ability to control your product prices and change the prices when you want to.
  • No pre-product approval is needed. Sellers will have the ability to create new products and update them when needed and your products will go live instantly.
  • Instant delivery ensures that Creative Market will make sure your products will be delivered safely and securely to your buying customers.
  • Track stats give sellers the ability to track all of their products with up to the minute statistics.
  • You can keep in touch with each of your customers.
  • Manage support is a simple message system that allows you to easily respond to requests.

Creative Market Free Goods

Creative Market offers free downloads of the week each week. These free goods include fonts, illustrations and more. Some of these are labeled as free for commercial use while others have a license attached.

Their website also has a blog and a community support forum that can help everyone learn. In addition, their Facebook page also has comments from customers and any complaints are promptly replied to by Creative Market.


LogoMaker has been in business since 2004 and has designed more than 100,000 logos for thousands of companies. They offer easy to use software to create your design and logo at an affordable price.

How LogoMaker Features

LogoMaker offers the following great logo creating features:

  • Ease of use: Technology that is easy enough that anyone can create their perfect logo.
  • More products: In addition to logos, they have made it easy to add your new logo to business cards, promotional products and your websites.
  • Multiple file formats: They include any file type that you might need for online and offline products.
  • Template selection: LogoMaker is constantly adding more templates to their logo creation platform.
  • 30-day guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your new logo, they will do everything to make it right including unlimited changes to your logo purchase.

LogoMaker Logo Creator

LogoMaker’s Logo Creator is easy to use by entering in the following information:

  • Choose an industry with a drop down box that includes many types of businesses
  • Your company name
  • Tag line if you want
  • Logo type that is also optional

At this stage, they will show you many different logo designs with your company name and tag line to choose from. I was shown more than 10 pages of logo designs with my company name to choose from.

Once you pick the logo design you are happy with, you will have the choice of either saving that logo or editing the logo. Editing allows you to choose colors, fonts and the ability to center the logo as you would like. After you make your edits, you can then preview your edits.

As you make edits and preview, LogoMaker will also show you in the preview how your new logo will look on the internet, business cards, notebooks, banners, polo shirts, classic t-shirts and coffee mugs.  

After you have selected your logo, you are offered a free domain according to the business name you picked for your logo or you can search for a different domain name.

If you do not want to choose a domain, you will then proceed to the next step which asks for your email and password to register.

LogoMaker Additional Logo Products

LogoMaker can also make the following marketing products with your logo:

  • Pens
  • Lawn signs
  • Large banners
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • Embroidered shirts
  • Long sleeve button down shirts
  • Printed hats
  • And much more

LogoMaker Prices

The cost for your new logo is $39.95. For this price you will get the following:

  • Free high quality files needed for word documents, business cards, & websites (.jpeg, .png & .gif transparent and non transparent versions)
  • Free Vector File Formats (.svg & .eps) ultra high resolution source files
  • Free multiple sizes of your logo (small and large) so it looks good in every document and Free versions in Black & White
  • Free domain
Additional Information
Logo Garden
Logo Garden Coupon Code: SAVE10ONTSHIRT - 10% Off Custom T-Shirts - Activate
Logo Garden Coupon Code: 89556 - 17% off Custom Logos - Activate
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